Chiangmai to Chiangrai by Bus

green bus เชียงใหม่

Hello fellow travelers today Travel guides are popular with travelers and tourists. This route is Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai is known as the northern tourist city center. Tourists travel to Chiang Mai. And often the car to Chiang Rai.

For this route It is a path through the mountain winding, so the bus to travel between the province is good. Because the driver is skilled in the route


GreenBus Counter in Chiangmai Bus Terminal

green bus เชียงใหม่


The bus service on this route. And popular with passengers is the Green Bus. is a bus between the province is very convenient, very pleasant ride with a car pick up from Chiang Mai. At the 3rd bus station (Arcade)

For ticketing Can be booked directly at Chiang Mai Bus Terminal. And can be booked online at

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